Women's Financial Needs

Women's financial situations are as unique and varied as they are . We offer a strategic advantage in helping women address their individual needs because we are a female-owned and woman-led practice.

CPAs Want a Systematic, Logical, Sensible Approach without Compromising Innovation and Opportunities

Women want a team who can relate to their challenges. And work to help them solve problems, not pitch products. 

A Message From our Founder

Terri McGray, CFP, AIF

When I started working as a financial advisor in 1988,  women often handled the day-to-day banking, but deferred investment decisions to their spouse or looked for guidance from their father. I've seen the transformation of women taking control of their finances throughout my career,  and I'm excited to be a part of this progress.

I have found women to be very disciplined savers and savvy investors. They want to make smart decisions and many women embrace working with a professional, but it has to be a good fit. Naturally, women want someone they can not only trust but who will listen to their concerns, and help them understand their options in laypersons terms without pressure.

How We Build Satisfied Clients

While each woman has her own unique goals, needs, and concerns, women want an advisor they can count on to provide competent and qualified guidance. They need someone who is attentive and helps them be prepared no matter what twists and turns life may bring.

When Donna‘s husband tragically passed away two weeks into his retirement, Donna knew exactly who to call. She was able to focus on her family and immediate needs while our attention was focused on her finances. She didn’t have to worry about her investment portfolio, income needs, or estate plan. We put her mind at ease with our uninterrupted, active management. Because we had previously helped her and her husband prepare a comprehensive financial and estate plan, we were able to help Donna so she could lay her husband to rest without worrying about her future financial wellness.

Amelia worked hard to save and prudently manage her finances to get to retirement but when she lost her job unexpectedly, she was terribly worried she couldn’t afford to retire. Amelia was distressed over not being able to find a new job, despite her diligent efforts. However, we were able to quickly adjust her financial plan and help allay her concerns. By helping her work through her options and show different “what if” scenarios through a virtual meeting, Amelia discovered she could retire with confidence by making only a few adjustments. Because we had a comprehensive financial plan in place, we were able to straightforwardly help Amelia make her retirement dream come true despite the unexpected change in events.

When Grace’s mother fell ill, she suddenly found herself in the role of caregiver, responsible for her mother’s health care as well as numerous investment accounts that were spread among different institutions, all while juggling her own work and family demands. We quickly eased Grace’s workload by helping her consolidate assets. We provided Grace with access to a secure portal so she could track and monitor her mom’s assets including bank accounts, expenses, and credit card charges. As fiduciaries, we prudently managed the assets and directed income payments to cover her monthly long-term care expenses. Finally, we worked to ensure the proper estate planning documents were in order to provide important peace of mind, so Grace was able to spend quality time with her mom rather than agonize over these major financial issues.

We Understand Women

Women Seek Investing Confidence

Women Seek Investing Confidence

Women want to be confident in their ability to make investment decisions.

Women Desire a Reliable Strategy for Retirement

Women Desire a Reliable Strategy for Retirement

Women want to be prepared and enjoy a secure and prosperous future.

Women Face Greater Longevity and Long Term Care Risks

Women Face Greater Longevity and Long Term Care Risks

Women understand their risks and the need to carefully manage them.

Women Are Less Impulsive Investors

Women Are Less Impulsive Investors

When women invest, they work diligently to get results.

Women Are Concerned About Their Future

Women Are Concerned About Their Future

An estimated 90% of women will be solely responsible for their finances.

*According to Drexel University Vision Forward study.

Women Understand the  Power of Knowledge

Women Understand the  Power of Knowledge

Women want to work with someone who will break through the jargon and complex language.

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