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Specialized in serving CPAs, executives and female professionals approaching retirement

Helping those seeking comprehensive support.

Some people mistakenly believe wealth management is about beating the markets or just planning to prepare for retirement but at Longevity Capital Management LLC, our focus is to help you pursue your financial desires and life goals. This means developing a detailed plan based on your objectives and helping you make the most of your resources through sound investing, smart tax planning, effective budgeting, and good risk management. Our priority is helping you properly manage your resources to work towards accomplishing your life desires, one goal at a time.

Before we make any recommendations, we will first analyze your financial situation through comprehensive planning to determine whether you are on track toward reaching your stated goals within your desired timeline, what gaps if any you may have, and how to best pursue your needs in the current environment. Finally, we test your goals against the host of challenges that could come up along the way to seek to ensure you stay on track despite the uncertainties of the future.

You have question. We have answers.

  • How can I support the lifestyle I desire?
  • What am I missing in my planning?
  • Have I overlooked anything?
  • When can I afford to retire??
  • How will I keep up with inflation?
  • When should I file for Social Security?
  • How do I plan confidently for Medicare and health care costs?
  • What are smart tax strategies I should consider?
  • How do I stress-test my goals against my resources?
  • Should I crash-test my portfolio?
  • How should my asset allocation and investment strategy be different in retirement?
  • What are effective ways to turn my growth portfolio into an income portfolio?
  • How can I effectively address longevity risk?
  • What are smart survivor benefit options to consider for my spouse and family for legacy planning?

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