About Us

We’re a boutique financial planning and wealth management firm that specializes in all things retirement.

If you prefer a personalized experience with a team who thinks like owners rather than employees, our strong advantage is our size. We don't just say we care; we show it each and every day.

We take the time to build meaningful relationships with every client, regardless of account size. And unlike many of our competitors, we are prompt and responsive. We know our business is based on professionalism, accountability, commitment, and great communication. These are some of the key reasons why our clients have engaged us as their financial steward for over thirty years.

  • Our principal has direct ownership in the firm which ensures an alignment of values and long-term interest with our clients. Unlike our competitors, we are not owned by shareholders with a profit-driven mindset.
  • We have the independence to be an investment-centric organization and follow an extraordinary investment process that focuses on customization, and comprehensive total financial planning with long-term perspective.
  • We offer clients an affordable way to develop a reliable, trusted, personal long-term relationship with a firm that is one hundred percent dedicated to helping them live with financial confidence.

Our Story
Meet Our Founder

Terri was always a self-starter. She got her first job at the age of fifteen and has never been unemployed since. She graduated from high school at  sixteen and worked her way through college to earn a degree in finance from California State University, Northridge. While in school, she served as an intern for Pru-Bache Securities where she was recruited into the financial services industry.  It was there that Terri navigated the tricky terrain of advancing in a male-dominated profession and eventually was proudly promoted to First Vice President of Investments at a major private bank where she spent eight years managing money for ultra-high net worth clients, helping to solve very complex tax and asset structure challenges.  However, her real love was in helping hard working professionals and individuals transition confidently into retirement and her dream was to accomplish this through the independence of her own firm, where she could apply her high standards and provide a different experience for clients.

Terri started studying for her Certified Financial Planner designation in 1989, long before the world of financial planning was mainstream. During her studies, she discovered a passion for this professional approach to wealth management, and that ignited an aspiration to deliver a better client experience than what was, at the time, a commission-based, sales-oriented standard. 

Terri wanted to build a client-focused, consultative fee-based financial planning firm that was built on a professional approach. And over the years, she has helped thousands of workers transition successfully to and through retirement. Many clients have leaned on Terri for over 25 years, entrusting her to prudently manage their retirement resources and sustain an income. Today,  we have multiple generations of families who lean on us for guidance. As the world of retirement has grown more complex, we have expanded our services to integrate financial planning with portfolio management. But every client starts with a comprehensive plan that focuses on retirement wellness.

Thirty-five years later, Terri is an industry veteran, business owner, author, national public speaker, educator, and dedicated practitioner. Her unwavering commitment and passion has built a different kind of company - an independent professional advisory firm that focuses on clients-first. She and her team help individuals transition into retirement in a way that other firms don't - holistically, with an expert eye towards detailed analysis and thought leadership on everything from income and budgeting to asset allocation, taxes and Social Security to Medicare and healthcare planning and more. She brings her extensive years of experience working with complex planning for wealthy families to benefit clients who would otherwise not have access to such expertise. 

Our typical client has $3-7 million of net worth, with $1-4 million of retirement savings that we manage for both current income and future growth opportunities. Our investment focus is to help clients keep up with the rising cost of living, manage risk and be tax smart as we build and maintain sound custom investment portfolios that follows prudent risk management strategies. Ultimately, we seek to reduce the risk of running out of retirement savings and we aim to build clients-for-life. 

Longevity Capital Management LLC is a boutique firm built on three simple principles: (1) always focus on clients first, (2) follow time-tested strategies, and (3) adhere to total due diligence before offering advice or recommendations.

Our Mission Statement Says It All

In 1989, Terri typed out this edict as the inspiration for the kind of company she dreamed of building. It remains the foundation for our guiding principles

Create strong client relationships that stand the test of time, make a difference in our clients’ lives, and provide independent ideas.

We think it's complete in its brevity and this is how we operate our business on a daily basis.

Our Core Values

Being a mission-driven company is an integral part of our DNA and our core philosophy is built around these key values.

  • Provide sound guidance for clients to help safeguard their future
  • Conduct extensive research and careful analysis before offering solutions
  • Partner with top investment firms to use their resources, scale and cost efficiency
  • Keep our fingers on the pulse of the capital markets at all times
  • Continuously find, examine, evaluate, and scrutinize risks and opportunities, and ideas and strategies for thought leadership
  • Communicate, educate, and proactively connect with clients
  • Adhere to steadfast strategies that seek to optimize client resources

Our Investment Philosophy

At Longevity Capital Management LLC our investment philosophy is simple, but it is not simplistic.

We believe in owning high-quality investments in a diversified portfolio over the long-term. We do not believe in day trading or market timing. We believe in attentive, active research-based management. We adhere to a disciplined asset allocation policy commensurate with your objectives and risk tolerance, but we also understand markets are not always priced efficiently so when we see market anomalies we will shift assets to seek to take advantage of opportunities.

We think this adaptive and dynamic approach to investment management allows us to participate in investment themes while adhering to established, sound investment principles.

Our Strategic Alliances.

We have many key relationships with top investment firms. Here's a short list of just some of the more notable firms we work with.

Longevity Capital Management, LPL Financial and all financial firms listed are separate, non-affiliated entities.

Investing for your tomorrow.

No matter what the future may bring, we strive for the longevity and sustainability of your financial well-being

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