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Do you offer fee-based financial planning services independent of asset management services?

Yes we do. We provide fee-based comprehensive financial planning services or, if there is just something specific you would like to address, such as Social Security claiming strategies or education planning we can help you on a fee-for-service basis.

What is your minimum for asset management services?

Please speak to us regarding minimums, as it depends upon your level of services needed. In general, our minimum starts at $500,000 for custom asset management and $1 million for complimentary comprehensive financial planning services.

Do you have model investment portfolios?

At Longevity Capital Management LLC, we are proud to say every portfolio is custom-designed and individually managed for our client's specific goals and objectives, risk tolerance and time frame. We do not believe in computer-allocated models or a general one-size-fits-all approach. We understand our clients desire for optimum return potential with the least downside risk and, to us, that means active, attentive and dynamic portfolio management. Talk to us about your needs and we can share a sample of our portfolio allocation, review the securities we own and discuss our past performance.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

What is your investment philosophy?

At Longevity Capital Management LLC our investment philosophy is simple, but it is not simplistic. We believe in owning high-quality investments in a diversified portfolio over the long-term. We do not believe in day trading or market timing, nor do we follow a "buy-and-hope" approach. We believe in attentive, active research-based management. We adhere to a disciplined asset allocation policy commensurate with your objectives and risk tolerance, but we also understand markets are not always priced efficiently so when we see market anomalies we will shift assets to seek to take advantage of opportunities. We also seek to protect assets against major downside risks.

What are your fees?

We specialize in comprehensive financial planning and integrated portfolio management.  Planning services only typically costs $2,500-$5,000, depending upon the complexity of your situation. We usually spend 10-12 hours or more working with you to create a custom financial plan. Specialty fee-based services are available. 

Asset management fees vary by assets under our care, but at $1 million advisory fees are 1% and include comprehensive financial planning services. Please click Total Advisory Services for detailed information on our services and fees.

Are there additional fees for transactions, trades or fees for planning support?

Provided you meet our minimum requirements, our fees for are asset management are all-inclusive and there are no other costs, fees or expenses associated with your account unless there is an extraordinary situation where we may look outside the traditional investment arena in your planning support, such as with a non-advisory product including insurance or annuities.  Our fees and all compensation is totally transparent and will be disclosed in advance.

Do you manage for tax efficient strategies?

We understand taxes can erode investment returns so tax implications are always top of mind. While we don't believe taxes should lead investment decisions, we do seek to be as tax-efficient as possible. We help our clients generate as much tax-free or tax-reduced income as possible, seek to harvest tax-losses whenever sensible and strategize for tax-wise retirement income planning. We are very tax sensitive and manage portfolios individually and custom to focus on efficient investing, regardless of your age.

How liquid is my portfolio?

We typically invest in publicly traded mutual funds, ETFs, and individual securities that can typically be liquidated on any market day, with some exceptions for accredited investors. Granted, the account value is subject to market risk and may be more or less than your original investment, so it is important to communicate with us about your liquidity needs so we can plan accordingly. However, your portfolio is liquid and/or can be moved to any other firm as a "transfer in-kind" at any time. We do not have proprietary investments or generally use restricted securities unless discussed specifically with you to fit a specific situation.

How often will my portfolio be reviewed and will my financial  plan be updated?

While we are monitoring and actively managing your portfolio daily, we will review your portfolio and/or your financial plan with you at any time. There is no limit and we will communicate with you as frequently as you desire, based on reasonable expectations. Most clients prefer quarterly conversations and annual comprehensive reviews. We will also proactively communicate about market conditions, updates and  portfolio allocations on a regular basis. We use emails to provide timely information. Portfolio performance reports will be available quarterly. We will also conduct annual comprehensive portfolio reviews via in-person, phone or virtual, and we will keep your financial plan up-to-date with daily updates to market values on assets held with us or as needed based on your outside investments and situation.

What does it mean to be a fiduciary and why does it matter?

The fiduciary duty is the crown jewel that underscores our commitment to exceptionally high standards. Not only do we serve as a fiduciary with our asset management services, but we also must follow the duties as defined by the College for Financial Planning. A CFP® professional must act as a fiduciary, and therefore, in the best interest of the client, at all times when providing financial advice, meaning we must fulfill a duty of loyalty, a duty of care, and a duty to follow client instructions. We adhere to the common law of fiduciaries.

What is a CFP and why is that important?

The Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) designation sets the highest standard for financial planners and stands apart from all other financial designations recognized by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. To achieve maximum confidence when it comes to investing your money and successful financial planning, we believe it’s smart to work with a CFP® professional. Not only has a CFP professional completed specialized training designed to help clients develop a comprehensive, holistic strategy to achieve their financial goals, but also because practitioners are expected to adhere to the standards of professional conduct outlined in the CFP Board’s “Standards of Professional Conduct” handbook and follow a code of ethics that holds very high standards of prudence and care.

How will I track and monitor my account?

Through our registered broker-dealer, LPL Financial, you will be able to view your account online at any time of the day or night. In addition, your online account access will enable you to track and view daily values, performance, activity, tax documents, monthly  statements and more.  When you open an account with us, we will provide a tutorial and hands-on assistance so you can confidently navigate through the client portal and monitor your account.

How can I take distributions or withdrawals?

When we set up your account, we will seek to link it to your bank or credit union for easy ACH transfers. This can be done through a systematic distribution, such as for those seeking a monthly income, or whenever there is a periodic on-demand request. Either way, your account is safely and easily accessible. Of course, please keep in mind we may need to liquidate shares in order to provide funds so the process could take several days, depending upon the need. Therefore, it is always best to advise us in advance of any major liquidity need so we can plan accordingly for the market trades as necessary.

How safe is my portfolio from cyber risks?

One of the advantages of working with a boutique firm like ours is that every team member will know you personally. They will know your voice, personality and account. Therefore, while we do confirm identity and follow proper protocols for all money requests, we also have found our customized, personal approach helps prevent nefarious account activities. Of course, we also adhere to all federal requirements and rules for cyber protection and account security but since your account is held by  LPL Financial, it is important to know the strength and resources of our selected broker-dealer. Click here to learn more about LPL Financial.

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