Cost Efficiency

Happy with your current provider? You need not change to engage us.

It's more than saving money.

It's more than saving money.

At Longevity Capital Management LLC, we focus on cost efficiency. We not only strive to save you money, we seek to work in a different and better way. We will work with your current provider and administrator and aim to improve your bottom line by decreasing plan costs and improving efficiencies across the board

While cost efficiency isn’t the end-all for plan success, it is a very important part of business strategy. The ability to decrease costs and increase the results and add efficiency, we believe is key to delivering value as a financial services firm.

Our Comprehensive Plan Review Process

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  • Analyze Plan Documents for Inefficiencies, Identify Needed Updates and Plan Features and Benefits
  • Review Plan Metrics for Strengths and Weaknesses in Participation Rates, Plan Utilization, Salary Deferrals and other Measures for Plan Optimization
  • Compare Funds to Peers and Benchmark to Identify Superior Performing Funds
  • Scrutinize and Compare ALL Plan Fees to Industry Averages and Comparable  Plans in Industry and State
  • Review Investment Policy Statement and Internal ERISA Compliance and Oversight Policies Based on Best Practices
  • Review Fiduciary Insurance and Compliance Policies for Liability Risks
We're a Different Kind of Financial Services Firm

We're a Different Kind of Financial Services Firm

A goal of most organizations is to become more cost-efficient. But how can you do this effectively with your 401k plan and at scale?

Let us show you with a plan review.

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