Retirement Planning

Some mistakenly believe retirement is about beating the markets or just properly managing their savings, but at Longevity Capital Management LLC, we know how important it is that retirees define their goals, develop a plan and make the most of their resources, which can be a daunting process. We provide the expertise and support to guide you toward retirement readiness.


Inflation can decrease the buying power of your retirement income and erode the value of your savings. Do you have a plan to keep up with the rising cost of living?


Turning retirement savings into an income that meets your needs and lasts your entire lifetime can be a challenge. Are you set?


Today’s reality of increasing life expectancies means more time to enjoy your freedom, but it also means you must stretch your savings. Are you prepared?

Health Care

Medicare doesn’t cover many long-term chronic heath care needs and expenses. Retirees face the risks of catastrophic health care costs. Are you covered?


Don’t get caught by surprise with your tax bill. There are ways to structure your income and be tax smart in retirement. Are you ready?

Social Security

Before you apply for retirement benefits, there are certain Social Security “basics” and claiming strategies you should know about to optimize your benefits. Are you well-informed?

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