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Employee Retirement University

Employee Financial Education

Four Core Learning Modules

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At the Employee Retirement University, we engage your employees with on-site learning, video conferences, webinars and interactive learning techniques. Whether you want to cover an entire course or select individual topics, our goal is to help build financial literacy in the workplace. However, in order to earn a ERU certificate, the employee must complete each module along with pass a test following each topic. Course studies include workbooks or ebooks and projects to help them apply these concepts to their personal financial situation.  

Retirement Planning Concepts

This course, is designed to help employees plan for retirement, calculate the capital needed, understand Social Security benefits, consider lifestyle changes at retirement and transition by turning their savings into income.  

Financial Planning Concepts

This course will address financial planning basics, such as budgeting and debt management, setting financial goals, and mastering core financial principles such as compound interest, paying yourself first, Rule of 72 and understanding inflation.

Investing and Risk Management Strategies

This course covers the basics of investing to advanced concepts such as investing in stocks, bonds and other asset classes, diversification, asset allocation, and economic cycles. We will also address investing strategies such as market timing, active versus passive management, yield compared to total return and more. 

Asset Protection and Insurance

Financial security is more than building wealth. This series will cover asset protection including estate planning, wills and living trusts as well as life insurance needs, disability insurance, health care planning and more.

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